Cooking Bison

There is no such thing as tough Bison Meat, only improperly instructed cooks. Although buffalo meat is similar to beef, it needs to be prepared and cooked slightly differently. you will find that you can interchange Bison meat with your favorite beef recipes if you follow a few basic instructions. The key to cooking Bison properly is LOW & SLOW! You may cook to the same doneness as you prefer beef, though we recommend rare to medium. Overcooked bison will bring the same results as any other meat, that is overcooked! Choose any of your favorite recipes and substitute the meat with Bison. You will be serving a meat high in protein and iron, yet low in fat, cholesterol and calories.

A nutritional chart comparing bison meat to other common meats.
Meat Fat Grams Calories Cholesterol
Bison 2.42 143 82
Chicken 7.41 190 89
Beef 9.3 211 86
Pork 10.5 215 92

Tips on Cooking Bison
Thickness Rare Medium
1 inch 6-8 minutes 8-10 minutes
1 1/2 inch 8-10 minutes 10-12 minutes
2 inch 10-12 minutes 14-18 minutes

Don't put Bison meat in the Flame! Grill steaks 4-6 inches above medium hot coals (325 degrees). Well done bison steaks are not recommended. Due to the leanness of the meat, bison has a tendency to become dry when overcooked. If grilling a piece of meat that needs a long time to cook, keep the temperature low and use a recipe that includes a marinade, barbeque sauce, or other basting liquid and baste frequently.