About Bison...

Bison gaining popularity

According to Dave Carter Executive Director of the National Bison Association, ?consumer demand for bison meat is continuing to grow, and our processors are working to keep pace.? USDA records show a continued increase in bison being processed as the demand for the deliciously healthy meat continues to grow among consumers.

There are many reasons for the growth in popularity of bison meat, but chief among them is the combination of superb flavor with unparalell health benefits. There is absolutely no reason to ever give up red meat or settle for inferior flavor. Bison, raised all naturally are never given steroids, growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or fed any form of animal protein. These practices, in addition to being unnatural and distasteful, are against the code of ethics of The National Bison Association and strictly prohibited. And, while most of us agree that it is imperative to know how the protein you consume is raised, it is also important that it taste great and pleases the palate.

Bison excels in all epicurean qualities. When properly prepared, it is juicy and tender and sinfully delicious. It's sweet and rich flavor satisfies you more even when you consume smaller portions. In short, you can rest assured that when you eat bison, you are eating nature?s best tasting, best for you pure protein. We guarantee it!

More producers are needed to keep up with the burgeoning demand. The bison industry is at a critical and substantial growth stage. Live animals are still affordable but demand for the meat continues to put pressure on prices. If you are sitting on the fence considering entering this industry, now is the time to act.